Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ideal World - My view

I dont understand why the media/world is very interested on the origin/color of a person. In the last few days or even months, every form of media, whenever they talk about America and recent elections, they refer to Barack Obama not just as Barack Obama but as first black president or first black democratic candidate, first black etc.,

Why should the Media refer him with his color. I understand, the world has seen worst racist times in the past, but now atleast in 20th century, the same world is united (atleast to outside) in condemning racism and number of laws and Acts are created. In spite of all that.....

Why should he be referred as First Black President of America, why not treat him as any other person (as human infact) and say 42nd or 43rd or whatever president of America. Why should the media be allowed to refer by his color.

Yes he may be first person or a 100th person, which is known to all or not, i would say media should not use the ethnic/color as in referring a person. There will be cases where in some parts of the world untill the media said so, people would not have known him as Black or White. If on the streets or any public/private place a person being referred by his color is not accepted and is tagged Racist remark, then this is also the same and Media should be brought into court.

I still strongly feel the world or larger part of world still has this menace "racism". When a world renowned media company refers to 26/11 attackers in Mumbai as Gunmen but the attackers who attacked their part of world even if its of smaller scale than 26/11 Mumbai, are referred as terrorists - proves how deep this bloody menace is.

My view of ideal world would be to refer a person just by his name rather than ethnic/color. As first step towards it, We need to get the Rule or Act that should ban this usage by Media.

Thursday, January 1, 2009