Saturday, March 21, 2009

Why AIG not Lehman - Behind the Scenes Story

Why US government has bailed out AIG but allowed Lehmann Brothers to collapse. This was one question circling around the world for some time. The facts behind is explained in this blog below.
The Goldman infallibility myth -

An eyeopening blog showing how worse the situation is and how poor the governance over  banking/finanical services industry is. Atleast now, world has to come forward with some strict governance policies.

When i said governance policies, i doesnt mean its only for BFS industry but also for the so called Tax Payers also, Developed Countries should change their policies around how people think - "government support them whatever they do". Its the responsibility of tax payers to analyse and think ones own financial status before embarking into any credit based loans/ cards etc., As long as the tax payers dont change their attitude, this crisis would keep hitting back with more force.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Excellent Initiative - Felt Very happy

"Jaago Re" - Initiative which is highly appreciated. This would make the Largest democracy in the world, a true power. Educated voters excercising their vote would make a difference, i believe. Hope my company would participate, as well every corporate, and help our democracy.

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