Sunday, November 18, 2007

Western Craze??

Why are people in India are so Carzy about US??? U hear something about US and they immediately start imitating them. The other day i sawin The Hindu about an organisation speaking about Child Abuse. And the there was a statement saying child abuse doesnt mean just sexual abuse but also fondling of the child by relatives, parents ect., This is too much!!! We people in India are so culturally strong in terms of society, neighbours and the way we live - Unity in Diversity. We have been living for ages even before the so called Civilised Posh US has existed. And we have the natural tendency of showing affection towards friends, neighbours. I myself when i ever see any baby of ages 1-5, i tend to touch them, show some affection and see them laugh will make me feel so happy. If US/UK or any other western world says it as Child Abuse, i only say they are very perverted, stupid, foolish what not!!! if they cannot appreciate the innocence, lovely looks, a pure heart of the children there is something wrong with them. I have been to US/UK and i believe many of us agree with my comments.

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