Sunday, June 22, 2008

Animals or Humans - who are more civilised???

I studied in my school days that we - humans, should feel very great about being different from animals or any other living creature in this world. We have Speech/Voice, We have Brains to think, We have senses to feel. As in our Vedas or Puranas its told as “Most sacred form of life is human life”.

But I felt very sad when I saw today in TV the protests by a particular religious community in Mumbai and all parts of India. I am not against the protests, and I very much sympathize with them for some *** hurting their sentiments. But is violence the only way to show our anger or emotions.

In one of the video footages shown in CNN-IBN, people throwing stones on to moving local train, the commuters are running inside to avoid getting hurt. Have also seen all running on roads with their traditional swords and as usual no party or government condemns this but instead assured them justice. What if the person throwing stones on to train has his own kin inside and one of then gets hurt, even if not some one x gets hurt and may be dies or loses his eyes. Why are they doing this? If they are not happy with one Political or Big personality show it on him, why are they spoiling our own infrastructure where tomorrow their own children travel in them. What if tomorrow, the opposite party does the same and their kin gets affected, will they keep reciprocating.

I feel the govt should call the heads who are leading this protests, and strongly condemn these acts and of course at the same time take action on the concerned for hurting their sentiments. This is seen not just in INDIA but across the world. I always think why people lose their heads and behave in a shameless irresponsible manner. My sincere request to all, please behave as Humans not like animals, but I am sorry (for hurting sentiments of animals) may be they behave more civilized way than us.

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