Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Drive to Kanchi

Today morning at 6:15am, we and murali (my best friend) set out to Kanchi on Yamaha Duo - Libero (we) and RX-100 (murali). Reached there in 1 hr 15 minutes. The drive in the morning with cool breeze and no Sun on a Highway (NH-4) was a delight.
Been to 4 temples - Kamakshi, Vamana, Ekhambara, and Varadaraja Swamy. Key moments to mention - The statue of Varadaraja swamy, which was gigantic and the face is highly attractive with a beautiful smiling lips and Eyes.
Started back at 11:15am and reached home by 1:00pm.
It was overall a wonderful trip with right climate(Cloudy n Cool without HOT sun) all through the drive.
Ofcourse the main essence of drive was having My beloved wife Krishna Priya in the back seat holding me (so that i dont fly away with speed.. :-) ) and singing song from Gulabi - "Meghalaloooo Telipomandii..."

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