Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Interesting Question - What do you get??

Yesterday, We are having a casual chat waiting for flight from Bangalore to chennai in the airport, and the topic went around drinks and i was as usual passionate in explaining different types, and varieties. Difference between blended and single malt, various brands, their tastes etc., After few minutes, he turned around me and asked me - " What do you get on drinking?' I have no answer except to give a smile. Why people (referring to poor people like labourers etc) drink these - do they feel light? why do they waste money?". I just said its just a addiction, and moreover they may be using it as means to forget all the hardwork and labour done thru the day and sleep happily. Now friends can you answer this - What is there in it? What do you get on drinking it? - Any answers are welcome.

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Balaji said...

I would say company since I never drink alone.