Sunday, November 2, 2008

Two Great Legends.....

In this week, it may or may not be good for India w.r.t Economy, Politics etc., But in the field of Sports or more particularly Chess and Cricket (of course in Science and Technology - Moon Mission) its been a great time.

Today, one of the legends of Indian Cricket, popularly known as The Jumbo, declared his retirment. Anil Kumble is a great player with indomitable spirit of commitment and character. He is a great source of inspiration for all generations to come and also for all current, past players.

His fighting spirit can never be forgotten when he bowled for the country, with a Broken Jaw. I feel very lucky to see him live when every foot of his bowling run up is causing him pain in jaw but still bowled for the country when its needed. Actually he returned to the field from dressing room to ensure India's win in that match (Not sure though of result).

And With next test match in Nagpur, we will see another legend making his way out of the team, The most successful captain of India along with Azhar, the man with a great fighting attitude - Never Say Die. When the whole country including the press were after him, he returned to the team in style. He changed the face of Indian Cricket and Captaincy. Whatever aggression we see on the field or out of field are his contributions to Indian cricket.

Definetely for the rest of my life, if i need to keep my fighting spirit up for any reasons or mentor or guide any friends, these are the two legends whom i will never fail to quote.

My Heartful congratulations and Best wishes to them. Chak De India!!!!


Balaji said...


I thought Kumble will get to play in Nagpur test too..

Lead the World... said...

No this is his last test. Though he would share the dressing room in Nagpur test for one last time.

Kesav said...

ya I too remember teh day when Kumble returned to the field with big bandage on his head and took the wicket of Lara(which was very imp for India's win). great Indian Player

Kesav said...

kumble--- the player whom the Indian cricket fans will never forget even though the BCCI forgets.